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Proven system to sign up an extra 10-30 students each month - Guaranteed.



Industry leader in Martial Arts Marketing

Proven Martial Arts Marketing System


Fast, 7-day setup!

Start growing your school right away with a fast, 7-day setup! Follow our proven marketing system that's been tested in hundreds of markets for the past 10+ years. It's 100% done-for-you with our top Martial Arts schools generating up to 160 leads every month!


High quality leads!

We won't waste your time or money with low quality leads. We run highly targeted ads to reach people that have interest in learning Martial Arts. With better quality leads, you'll start seeing growth in as little as 30 days.


Faster revenue growth!

Our marketing program is guaranteed to grow your school with any ad budget! The more you spend, the more students you get and the faster you grow.

Proven Ads

Get 100% done-for-you personalized ads on all the top digital platforms. Proven copy, strategic targeting and professional photography with tested, industry low click-through-rates! (images optional)

Auto Lead Follow Up

Our new automated lead follow up system contacts your leads instantly saving you hours of time and booking up to 85% more leads!

1:1 Support

Get a dedicated US-based marketing expert working on your business with a direct support line for fast and open communication.

Protected Radius

We offer a 5-mile protected radius where we won't offer our service to nearby competitors.

Maximize your schools growth!

Get 25-75 leads each month (or more) with social media ads!


Get 10-50 leads each month (or more) with Google ads!


Convert more leads & give a better first impression.


Hector - Massachusetts

“We launched a grand opening event and signed up 330 new people in the first month, 200 people in the second month. It was unbelievable."

Paul - New York

“We sign up 20 students on the slow months, 30+ students on the busy months!"

Ray - California

“We added $8,000 of additional monthly revenue in just 5 months.. and still growing!"

Erik - Florida

“We use to sign up 6-10 clients each month. Now we sign up 15-25 clients each month regularly."
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All set! A marketing manager will do some research on your business, make sure we are not serving any other similar businesses within 5 miles and then reach out to you within 48 hours to discuss your business and marketing goals!

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